Thea, you are such an amazing artist and so wonderful to work with. Your design is always beautiful and unique and my wife gets compliments on every piece you have made for us over the years. I am so glad we met you many many years ago at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival in Denver. You have always been a joy to work with. Thank you for making it so easy to make my wife happy!
Joe Z; Denver, CO
The work reflects a timeless archetypal connection with nature and the natural form, as interpreted through the eyes (and hands!) of an artist that lives and breathes beauty.
MjP; Aptos, CA
Please consider working with a gallery in Raleigh, NC. I am tired of beads! The photos are spectacular—really shows the detail in each beautiful piece.
Betty Anne L; Raleigh, NC
Heaven for the eyes… celestial luminescence… divinity in earthly form.
Geneve G; Austin, TX
Thea designed our elegant wedding bands in white and yellow gold. Her attention to detail is as impeccable as her craftsmanship. She knew our style, listened to what we were looking for and delivered exactly what we wanted. I also have a pair of her silver and gold bimetal earrings that are exquisitely designed—simple yet elegant. It’s a special feeling to wear something that was designed just for you!
Gia A. Montevarchi; Italy
Elegant, contemporary, unusual, unique, glowing, tactile and serpentine. Some of the designs are a bit sexy too! I have a couple of women in my family who are EXTREMELY difficult to buy gifts for. After I bought them their first earrings from Thea the request when asked what they wanted for Christmas was always something from Thea would be nice. They were gifted with items from the Spinnaker and Half-Moon collections. I myself do not wear jewelry that often but I love her magnetic bracelets—something unusual and beautiful that I can wear all the time to class up a pair of jeans or accessorize an evening dress.
Amy C; San Francisco, CA
I have a piece of Thea’s that is my go to jewelry for anything of professional importance to me—I always feel great in it and it still looks beautiful 15+ (!!!) years from the day I purchased it.
Dorothy M.; Venice, CA
I wore Thea Izzi’s lotus earrings and pendant on my wedding day. She added pink crystals to the settings to make them more personalized for me. I treasure these jewelry pieces in my jewelry collection. They are unique, beautiful and I love that they were made special for me!
Haley H; Berkeley, CA
Thea Izzi’s work has a magical, flowing, sensual feeling. A unique blend of classy, organic, flowing, sensual jewelry that will surely inspire those who wear it, as well as those who see others wearing her work. I have yet to see anything else like it! I could spot a Thea Izzi design a mile away! I love her work and would be thrilled to own and wear anything that she has created. What a gift to the world
Devorah S; Jamaica Plain, MA
All of the fine jewelry I wear, with the exception of one vintage ring, is Thea Izzi Jewelry. When I reach a new phase in my life, I get a piece to represent that phase and to support me through it. Today, I’m wearing the Mod Circle Pendant with a pearl, and the spinnaker earrings. I love symbolic jewelry. These two pieces remind me of my relationships with my children and my sweetheart.
Bridget P; Portland, OR
Thea—I saw one of your necklaces on a woman the other day. I asked her about it and she said it was a gift and she loves it! It was one of the silver lotus with pearl pendants. Cool to see your work out and about!
Jessica A; Oakland, CA
Thea, I wear the earrings you wear in your profile pic almost every day—just one tier shorter—and the compliments go on and on. I miss you and am so happy to wear your beautiful jewelry.
Ann M; Sausalito, CA
Thea’s pendant—designed expressly for our large tribal gathering—visually embodied our community.
Ali T; Oakland, CA
Amongst the beauty of gemstones lies a quiet stillness, a design that is just beautiful with its lines, curves and acknowledgement of natural forms.
Roz E; Brisbane, Australia